Micro Maxx engine modification kit for Viking 7
by Eric Truax

Published: September 3, 2005


Viking 7 Micro Maxx rocket

Viking 7 Highflying Cards

Flying model and static model compared

Micro Maxx version with rocket engine mounted

Static model (left) and flying model (right) compared


A lot of people have asked for a flying version of the Viking 7. Eric Truax has made this modification kit. 

With that it's possible to fit the original viking 7 kit with a Micro Maxx rocket engine. 

You will need both the original kit and the conversion kit.

Conversion kit for flying model (390 KB) 

You will also need the original viking 7 kit - go to
Viking 7 page.

Adult supervision is recommended for minor aged. Remember to follow the safety instructions provided by the manufactor of the Micro Maxx engines.

Eric is a skilled and wellknown designer. He has designed both static and flying models.

Watch video of a launch of the rocket

Check out Erics  thor-able kits on the models page.