Tiros 1 weather satellite
Designed by Joy Cohn 

Published: June 1, 2009

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On June 1, 1960 NASA launched TIROS-1, or Television Infrared Observation Satellite. It was the first in a serie of early weahter satellites. It ended with Tiros 10 in 1965. The satellite was launched into space on a Thor Able Rocket (Model available here).

The satellite had a diameter of 42 inches or 106 cm. It was 19 inches or 48 cm high. The satellite was capable of transmitting still pictures of weather systems back to earth.

TIROS-1 operated for 78 days. It is regarded as the first real succesfull weathersatellite, and it paved the way for the modern weather forecasts, that we all take for granted today.

About the model
Thanks to Joy Cohn for
creating and sharing this fine model here.

Also thanks to Lee Anne Ward for testbuilding and for photos of the finished models.

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