Tips and tricks on space paper modelling



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Paper modelling differs a lot from modelling with plastic or resin. Lee Fleischer is a very dedicated and skilled modeller, who has agreed to reveal some of his techniques.

Lee has been modeling for about 40 years, mostly in plastic and lots of RC including RC helicopters. He lives in West Columbia SC USA. After doing so much plastic kits and entering many contests. (He had a few national awards) He got tired of the intensity of the "add on" metal kits that every body was using to one up on their buddies.

"After a while you realize to make a contest plastic kit you have to invest almost 100$ just on the parts!"

Instead Lee started paper modelling in the beginning of 2005. Beside building a lot of space paper models, he has been building 1:250 scale Wilhelmshaven ships and 1:32 Zarkof Aircraft. 

Since then Lee has discovered several new methods of construction, that he is happy to share with the rest of us. Lee has several times surprised me with his unusual solution to the problems, which most modellers deal with. I am therefore proud to publish his ideas - and I am sure, that they will be an inspiration - not only for newbies - but also for more skilled modellers.





Making perfect seams
A real strange method, but it works with at little practice  and and you will end up with a perfect seam.  

How to make straight rocket nozzles
The article presents  a technique to get perfect looking nozzles. Futhermore it shows a way to detail it with the cooling tubes used on most rocket nozzles.

Scissors you won't believe
A new series of scissors are absolutely the best things 
for cutting out any kind of shape there is. They are even able to cut a perfect straight line. 

How to cut circles
The internal structure of many space paper models are supported by rings of paper.
This article shows the easiest way to cutting perfect circles by the use of scissors.

Magnet stand for rocket models
Use small magnets to create an alternative way to display your model