Scissors You won't believe
by Lee Fleischer

There is a new series of scissors from Fiskars. These things are absolutely the best things 
for cutting out any kind of shape there is. They are even able to cut a perfect straight line. 


The secret to these particular scissors is the large handles that also lock, and the way the blades are formed, these units will not wander or fray the cut line. Still you will have to be carefully just like any other cutting tool to get a good cut. 

These things are absolutely the best things for cutting out any kind of shape there is, except of course inside cuts which can be started with an exacto knife then finished with the small pair of Fiskars.

All photos here are based on two scissors from Fiskars - but can be applied to other brands of quality scissors. Still I strongly recommend the scissors. These as a must have in a paper modellers tool box. 

Model of small pair Spring Action Micro-tip No.5 scissors 
Bar code on back is 78484 09921 

Model of large pair Spring Action No. 8 bent scissors 
Bar code on Back is 78484 09911


1. Use of the small scissors. One way to cut circles is to put the part all the way at the back of the blades and start in a continuous motion around the part. (
See the article about cutting cicles)

This works
especially good on small parts.



2. This is the large pair of scissors in use.  

When you are using a knife and a ruler you need to hold a knife
perfectly upright and with the same pressure to produce straight line. 
Often you will still get a slightly off line. 

The scissors aren't the perfect straight edge but I guarantee they will produce a straight enough line for any discerning modeller. 



3. This is the method I usually use. The points of the scissors is about 20mm into the part to be cut, then sight along the straight part of the scissors using them as a ruler, works really great once you have mastered this technique. 

I rarely ever use a ruler and knife any more, but once again I stress practice on these techniques on scrap. It may take a while to get use to, but believe me the effort will pay off. My productivity has improved by 100% and that is with near perfect cuts!

A good advice is, that once one method works for you then continue to practice with that method. Don't switch back and forth unless you are confident with both methods.

Picure 4. & 5 shows in details, how the the method with the points are used. This time I use the small pair of scissors. If you can afford to buy one pair, I recommend you to buy the small set, they are the most versitile and can handle all the operations I am discussing in this article.


6. I know many will find it hard to believe, that scissors can do the job better than a ruler and a knife. But I think, that the results speaks to it self. 
So why not give it a try.