How to cut circles
by Lee Fleischer

The internal structure of many space paper models  are supported
by rings of paper. To get the best result it is important to cut perfect circles.


1. It is important to use a high quality set of scissors.  (See the article on scissors)

Do not cut out the circle directly from the sheet. Instead cut out a large part leaving space around the circle. It will make it easier to work on.



2. Cut back most of the material around the part to make cutting outside easer. This prevents excess paper getting in your way while cutting around the part.


3. Cut outside lines as I have described in earlier tips. (See the article on scissors). Keep the scissors in the same position all the time - instead carefully rotate the piece of paper with you other hand. Make sure, that the outside line follow the edge of the scissor. Then cut a 1-2 milimeters - then rotate the piece a little.

Patience is important - especially if you are new to this hobby. When you improve your skills, it will go a little faster.

4. Cut a "X" in the centre of the circle using a very sharp hobby knife (this can be used for square shapes also). Do not cut to the very end of the inside part, leave about 15mm of space between the ends of the cut and the start of the inside of the part.




5. Cut out triangular sections with hobby knife by connecting the ends of the "I" cut.



6. Then start working from one of the inside corners of the square that is created and move scissors toward inside line gradually as this part can be tricky. Make sure that you use only the tips of the scissors to get to the inside line as the excess paper will fight you as you cut around the inside. Once you are finished, you have a very clean circle inside and out!