Micro Maxx engine modification kit for rhohini
by Eric Truax

Published: June 10, 2008


Scalemodel for Micro Maxx

Micro Maxx flying rocket

Rhohini Rocket

Parachute for Micro Maxx rocket

With the kit you can convert both the orange and the

red model into a flying version.


Eric Truax has done it again. He has converted one of my small paper models into a real flying rocket.

You can use Eric's mod kit to fit the original rohini RH-75 kit with a Micro Maxx rocket engine. 

You will need both the original kit and the conversion kit.

Adult supervision is recommended for minor aged. Remember to follow the safety instructions provided by the manufactor of the Micro Maxx engines.

Flying Rohini mod-kit.zip

You will also need the original Rhohini kit - download it here:

Eric is a skilled and wellknown designer. He has designed both static and flying models.

Check out the thor-able kit elsewhere on this site.