Scale 1:10 Published: July 11, 2007

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Paper model of mimosa satellite

Paper craft - mimosa satellite


The Czech microsatellite MIMOSA was launched on a Rockot launcher from the the Russian cosmodrome Plesetsk at 14:15 UT on 29 June 2003. The launcher carried several other microsatellites amongst them the Canadian Most-satellite, the japanese CUTE-I and the danish satellites AAU CubeSat and DTUsat-I. 

Mimosa was the 6. czech satellite following the Magion 1-5 satellites.


MIMOSA stands for Micromeasurements of Satellite Acceleration. 

The objective of the MIMOSA satellite is to measure atmospheric drag and other non-gravitional origin forces. Therefore the satellites must be of a very regular sharpe and the measuring device had to be placed in it's center of gravity. 


Micro-satellitess launched together with Mimosa:
Papermodels of other mikrosats launched together with Mimosa:

AAU Cubesat (Danish)

CUTE-I (Japanese)

DTUsat-I (Danish - model not available for the moment)


earth.esa.int - mimosa