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Rockets and spacecrafts

ACE – ITOS satellite

Akari - Jaxa Astro F

Akatsuki - space probe

Allouette – Canadian Satellite

Axmpaperspacescalemodels   - A major site with space Shuttle, ISS, Spacestations, launch vehicles and a lot more...



Brite constellation  

Canon Science models

Cardmodels-R  - A major site with lot of soviet, russian and ukrainian launchers and spacecrafts 
- A major site with R-7 sputnik, R-7 Vostok, Proton launcher - 3 versions, Titan 1 and 3 with X-20 and the sovjet moonlander LK 


Classic paper spacemodels – (The mirrorsite at – Ariane 6   (Ariane 5, Calipso, Philae, Corot, Demeter, Jason-1) 

Conae Sac- satellites R-2 model


Cosmos solar sail 

Currell net  - A major site with starship One, RTV and V2-rocket - and a lot of other high quality kits

Cube Sat 

Cute project 

Chandrayaan 2


Cloudsat – Ball aerospace


Delfi C3


Delta 7 Studios (offers free models of Columbia and Mercury Redstone 8 )        

Deep Impact 

Diamant A - ISS spacestation

Epsilon rocket 


Eumetsat learningzone – Meteosat and Metopsat


ESA Cheops
ESA Cut-out and build (Cassini-huygens, Mars Express, Philae Lander, Soho, Gaia, Integral, Iso, Xmm-newton) 


ESA Exomars Rover (Aurora)

ESA Gaia 


ESA Kids things to do (Aeolus, ATV, Gaia, Rosetta, Integral, Mars Expres, SOHO,)  

ESA Venus Express  


GDIP95 papermodels – satellites and launchers  

GLAST - lot of chinese and russian spacecraft and spacestations in 1:144

H-2B og M-V japanese rockets

Hayabusa 2  


Hinode – Solar B - RTV9 (H-IIB)  Japanese H-IIB rocket (M-V)  Japanese M-V rockets

IRNSS-1G (Satelite Muses-C (Hayabusa), rocket M-V and other models)

ISS spacestation - Free model by NASA  (Arase (ERG), MMO/BepiColombo, Hayabusa , Kaguya, Akatsuki; Akari , M-V rocket


JAXA - Alos-2, Winds, Alos, DTRS, ETS-VIII


JAXA – Ikaros and Akatsuki  

Jaxa SDS-4 (model at the bottom)  



JUNO Spacecraft  

Kaguya (Selene) - two models

Leasat (First polish satellite)




Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Gift Shop - Probably the largest site dedicated to space paper models - 
Ariane 5, Saturn V, VentureStar X-33 RLV, 1/100 scale Shuttle stack for spaceshuttles, 1/48 apollo capsule. LEM, Lockheed L1011 Stargazer Launch Vehicle, Pegasus Satellite Launcher, Mars rovers, opportunity and spirit, Gemini-Titan II, von Braun Ferry - and a lot more....

Magion 1 (First Czech satellite)

NASA - Solar system exploration paper models

Stardust, SOHO, Pioneer 10, NEAR, Mars Express, Mars 2001 Odyssey, Genesis, Galileo, CONTOUR, Cassini, Juno, Voyage, Nanorover


NASA - Universe spacecraft paper models , Chandra, Compton, Fermi, Gravity B, Hubble, James Webb, Kepler, Osiris-rex, Rossi, Spitzer, Swift, TESS, WISE,

NASAs.Great Observatories Kit (at the bottom of page)
(Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Compton Gamma Ray Observatory)


NASA LRO - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter 


NASA - Psyche - Sealaunch model and more


Marquettes en Carton/Cardmodels - Ariane 4 1:180

Mars Polar Lander

Mars Climate Orbiter - Satellite   

MMO-spacecraft for mercury   

MMS – simple model


MMS-spacecraft + Atlas launcher - satellites and japanese moonlander - Events - Sprint A and Epsilon  - Colorfull experimental japanese moonlander 

Nagoya City Science Museum - Hitomi (X-ray) and Himawari-8 (Weather)

New Horizons  

Nielspapermodels  - (Ariane, Europa, Viking, Vanguard, V-2 – at the download page of this site.) - Mercury  


Orion Crew vehicle 

Orion Spacecraft 

PauKy Papercraft – launcher, spacestations and spacecrafts


Phoenix Lander 

Planck spacecraft 

Planet B (Nozomi) 



Quasi-Zenith Satellite (QZS) (4 versions)

rocketmantan - Vanguard rocket, Bussard ramjet, german A-9 rocket and more

SABA modelbau - R1 Post rocket, Hyperjet III and X-17



Space in miniature – Hexagon (KH-9) and Insight Mars Lander


Spektr-RG paper model – (link is hidden in the text)


SSE Kids Paper Models (Cassini, CONTOUR, Deep Space Network 34-Meter Antenna, Galileo, Genesis, Lunar Prospector, Mars 2001 Odyssey, Mars Express, MESSENGER, NEAR, Pioneer 10, SOHO, Stardust) (Galileo and Novosar satellites)

Stereo satellite   

Shawit rocket



Terre de Lune - Jules Verne Spacerocket


Timed – Apollo 13 – and many other fantastic models  - test rockets


U-DONS Factory - Impressive models of chinese Long March rocket 1:96 and the lunar lander LEM 1.48


Zach's Papersat Designs – Lot of satellites - Very nice models of Cosmos 3M / C-1 / SL-8 / 11K65M 

Archived spacekits 

If a website is gone, it is sometimes possible (but not always) to find a backup of the original site through the Wayback Machine.

Here are links to paper models archived in the wayback machine. To download – do not choose “right-click and save as” – open the pdf-links in the wayback machine. Notice that they may have limit for downloads.


 Ares – Mars plane

Australian Fed Sat  - look at the bottom at the right  - "Build your own fedsat". 

Bil Sat 1 - Turkish Satellite  

Card in space - Little Joe I 1:48, Mercury Redstone 1:48 


Dutch Space  Dawn Sonde


Eric Truax models at

Ed Bertschy's Paper Models - AQM-60 target drone with a dolly and a jeep Japanese H-II rockets and much more.

Gigabit Communication Satellite (Simple model of japanese comsat) 

GPS satellite model - two models

IGS satellites - Japanese spysats  (Japanese satellites - MUSES-C (Hayabusa), IKAROS, SELENE, ETS-VIII, ALOS, ADEOS-II, DRTS; Aqua/AMSR-E, ΅-LabSat, MMO, EXOS-D, AMSR-E, ADEOS/OCTS)

Landsat 7 - black and white model

Mamecraft - Bell x-1 - Grumman X-29 - Main site

Precision Paper Space Models 
T. Johnsons original site is gone - but you can download the files through the wayback machine - two sheets are missing but can be replaced with similar sheets from the other kits.- the links are here:


Shenzou mission – page1 page2 page3 page4 - mainpage


Shioya Astronomical Observatory   Japanese Mu-rockets


Sunsat - South African microsat - X-20 model - Pakistani HATF II Abdali Rocket (Only the small one)





ALMA telescope  - Alma with transporter, other japanese telescope and Solar B. 


Keck  (not a free model - but looks great) 

Mount Wilson – (not a free model – you supports the observatory)

NASA Deepspace Network   (NASA Deep Space Network - page)

NAOJ Telescopes 

AOA -  (Two models at the right - 188cm, 91cm)    

Subaro Telescope - Canon Science projects

Thirty Meter Telescope/TMT  – Canon (You need to register)


Make your own planisphere – (Not an observatory – but nice)


Sites with more paper model links:

Iceberg Papermodels Links 


Papermodelling groups:

Papermodelers (go for the space section – PASA)

Zealot - cardmodels   (Go for the space section)

Papermodels II  

Forumenpapier (French)  (German) (Slovak)

Papirovemodelarstvi (Czech)  

Spacemodelling sites and groups

Space-modelers/  - group for all space modellers - a treasury of information for all with interest in spacemodelling.

Starship modeler - forum - includes a paper section as well. - Interesting articles and a guide to space hobby activities 

Space and rocket sites: (The big Guide to all aspects of space and rockets) (Excellent french site) (Impressive russian site) - (What is on the launch pad) (Gόnter's Space Page)


Collections and galleries

Lee Anne's Spacecraft Models - amazing czech site with theme about Laika and animals in space (Pictures of classic czech space kits)

PASA - Papercraft Aeronautics and Space Administration

Space in a hand

Udons factory - spacedevelopement 



History and methods

Paper Scale models
by Gary Kitmacher and Mark Lardas

Paper Scissor Rocket by Les Dorr Jr.


Free software to print or to convert file-format:

Adobe's Acrobat Reader - to print the models

OmniFormat is a free document conversion utility which allows dynamic conversion and image manipulation of over 75 file formats including  PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, PCX, PPT, and PS.