Vanguard TV-1 (Viking 14)
by Joy Cohn & Niels Jahn Knudsen

Scale 1:96 Published: April 22, 2006

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Paper model of Vangaurd TV-1 rocket

Launch of TV-1

Vanguard TV-1 and SLV-6


The Vanguard TV-1 was a two-stage test vehicle . The first stage was the Martin Viking type II slightly modified for the Vanguard program. The second stage was a prototype for the solid propellant Vanguard third stage, built by Grand Central. The second-stage payload was an instrumented nose cone. Primary goal was flight testing the new solid-stage for spin-up, separation, ignition, and propulsion performance. The secondary goal was for further evaluation of ground handling procedures, techniques and equipment, and in-flight vehicle instrumentation and equipment. 

The flight was successful: flight operation and performance of all powerplant systems were very good. The vehicle was properly controlled throughout flight to an altitude of 12l miles and a range of 451 miles.

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