Vanguard TV-0 (Viking 13)
by Joy Cohn & Niels Jahn Knudsen

Scale 1:96 Published: April 22, 2006

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Paper model of Vanguard TV-0

Launch of Vanguard TV-0

Reentry probes at the nosecone



Martin Viking No. 13, a liquid-propellant single-stage rocket, was redesignated TV-0 and fired as the first Vanguard Test Vehicle TV-0 on December 8, 1956.

Primary goal was to evaluate the performance of the internal telemetry system, to evaluate the launching complex, and to become familiar with the operations, range safety and tracking systems of the AFMTC rocket range.

Secondary objective was testing of the Vanguard Minitrack transmitter and evaluation of the coasting flight attitude control system. All objectives were met except evaluation of coasting-flight attitude control.


The nosecone of the rocket was fitted with reentry probes.

The model
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