Scale 1:96 Published: October 25, 2006

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Scale model of Bumper-WAC 2 rocket

Paper model - Cardboard model of a Bumper-WAC rocket

Paper craft of Bumper-WAC

V-2 and Bumper-WAC


Bumber-WAC was the first large two-stage liquid-propellant rocket. The first stage was a captured german V-2 rocket. The warhead was removed and the nose rebuilt to a launching compartment with blast ports.

The second stage was a modified WAC Corporal sounding rocket. The WAC was equipped with four fins with 50% more total area, than the original WAC.

After some test launches the fifth Bumber-WAC 5 was launched On February 24, 1949 from White Sands proving ground. It reached a record altitude of 393 km/244 miles. This record held for 8 years until 1957. 

Bumper-Wac number 7 and 8 were flown for speed not for altitude. There was a risk that parts of the rocket would land outside the White Sands area. Instead the Bumper-Wac tests were moved to a sparsely populated costal area, called Cape Canaveral. Bumper-WAC 7 was the first rocket to be launched for the cape. 

The program was officially concluded in July 1950.


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