Thor-Delta # 11 (DM-19) 
Launcher of Telstar 1 

By Vadasz Laszlo
, Eric Truax,  and Niels Jahn Knudsen

Scale: 1:96 Published: December 23 2020

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For instructions use the instructions for Thor-able II and I:
Instruction for version 2 (402 KB) 
Instruction for version 1
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Based on the thor missile the thor delta was a modified thor with an able 2. stage (se Thor able) and at the top of the able an altair  3. stage. 

Being the fourth configuration for the upper stage it was named Delta (The fourth letter of the Greek alphabet). 

This is the 11th fligth of the early Delta rockets. The 
It launched the early communication satellite Telstar 1 from Cape Canaveral on July 10, 1962. 

Eventually the entire Thor-Delta launch vehicle came to be called simply, "Delta." The first twelve Deltas are in the aftermath often called (omitting Thor) Delta DM-19.

About the model

Thanks to Eric Truax and Vadasz Laszlo for sharing this model for which Vadasz awarded with the hungarian Telstar 1 medal.

And to the guys at Space-Paper-Models for helping naming the vehicle correctly. 

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Sources on Delta 11 (Telstar 1): 

Books and articles:
The Rocket - The History and Development of Rocket and Missile Technology  by David Baker.

Rockets of the world by Peter Alway,