Simple Goddard Diorama 

Scale 1:32 Published: November 16, 2010

Rigth click to download:
Stand for Goddard rockets (100 KB)
Parts for diorama and instruction (360 KB)

Robert H. Goddard himself. 

Small toolbox with a few tools.

This is a stand and simple diorama to go with scale 1:32 models of Goddard rockets.  

Robert H. Goddard (October 5, 1882 August 10, 1945) was the first to launch a liquid-fueled 
rocket on March 16, 1926.

He often used sawhorses to support the rockets. The sawhorses in the diorama are based on this picture.

Photo by NASA

The stand can be used with all the Goddard models. You find Mark Lardas Goddards rockets at the models page.