Goddard L-13
by Mark Lardas

Scale 1:32 Published: August 17, 2010

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Goddard L-13 kit 
Goddard L-13 for silver paper

A small but very detailed model.  

Closeup of the engine section with air vanes and blast vanes.

Robert H. Goddard (October 5, 1882 August 10, 1945) was the first to launch a liquid-fueled rocket on March 16, 1926.

Launched on March 26, 1937, L-13 flew higher than any of the other 35 liquid fueled rockets flown by Robert H. Goddard. From its launch pad at Roswell N. M. it achieved an altitude of an estimated 1.7 miles (2.7 km). The rocket used a gyroscope to control the air and blast vanes at the bottom of the fins, to keep it vertical during flight. It burned gasoline and liquid oxygen. Overall length was 200-3/8 inches (5.089 m) with a tube diameter of 9 inches (0.229 m). One quadrant of the steel and aluminum missile was painted red, as were the sides of the two fins parallel to the quadrant.

About the model:
The model is designed to be build in scale 1:32. But can be printed and build at a larger or smaller scale. optional parts are included for that.  

About the designer

Thanks to Mark Lardas to letting me publish this fine model. Mark Lardas is living in League City, Texas, USA. He works at a major aerospace contractor. Beside building models, he is the author of "Space Shuttle Launch System 19722004" amongst other books. 


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