Jupiter-120 and Jupiter-232
by Lancer

Scale 1:144 Published: January 23, 2009

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Direct Jupiter-120 and Jupiter-232 paper model

This picture talks for itselves. Lancer has done a good job on these two models


Thanks to Lancer to let me host his two models of the DIRECT launch system.


The DIRECT launch-system was a proposal for an alternative to the Ares I and the Ares V launcher.


Instead of using two launchers the idea was to replace them with a single launch vehicle named "Jupiter". With two different configurations it would have been able to perform both crew and cargo missions.


Both variants was planned to use a pair of Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters unchanged from their configuration as used today on Shuttle. Mounted between those is the Jupiter Core Stage, based very closely on the original Space Shuttle External Tank, modified to mount payloads on top and a set of engines underneath.


When NASA was authorized in 2010 to mandating work on the Space Launch System Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle, the DIRECT Team declared their effort a success and disbanded. 


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