A-1 Asterix

Scale 1:10 Published: July 11, 2006

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Paper model of asterix satellite
A-1 was nicknamed after the french cartoon Asterix
Paper craft - asterix satellite Scale model of a-1 satellite
The paper model of Asterix A-1 is in scale 1:10, and can both be printed on ordinary white paper (left) or silver paper (rigth)


On November 26, 1965 France became the worlds third space nation, that had launched it's own satellite with it's own launcher. The satellite was first named A-1 (Army’s first satellite), then renamed to Asterix after a french cartoon. Asterix was 50 cm in diameter, and launched by a diamant A rocket. When the nose cone ejected one of its antennas was damaged. Asterix ceased to work after 2 days. But it is still in orbit.

Asterix and diamant proved the determination of France to have it's own space programme and play a leading role in developing both satellites and launchers.


www.capcomespace.net (In french - but simply the best)

www.cnes.fr (French national space agency)


www.asterixweb.it  (Asterix cartoon drawing here!)


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