Ariane 2
Published: June 10, 2006


Scale paper model of ariane 2 rocket scale model of Tele-x satellite
The finished model is in scale 1:96, is more that 50 cm high and resembles the last ariane 2 launched april 1, 1989. 

History In July 1979 it was decided to develop the ariane 2 and 3 as successors of ariane 1 . Ariane 2 was simply an ariane 3 without the two solid rocket motor strap-ons.

Ariane 2 was capable of carrying 2,175 kg (4,795 lb). to a geosynchronous transfer orbit trajectory, while ariane 3 due the boosters were able of launching 2,700 kg (5,900 lb) in to orbit. While the first ariane 3 flew on 4 august 1984, the first ariane 2 were launched much later on 31 May 1986. The model resembles the last ariane 2 launched 1 April 1989. It carried the first Nordic (mostly Swedish) communication satellite Tele-X into orbit. The ariane 2 and 2 was developed in to the ariane 4.


More information about Ariane 2:

(This is only a little selection of the many sources for the model.) (In french - but simply the best)


Rockets of the world by Peter Alway,

Tim Furniss: History of space vehicles  

Brian Harvey: Europe's Space Programme: To Ariane and Beyond