Black Arrow

Scale 1:96 Published: November 9,  2010

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Paper model of british black arrow launcer Papercraft of UK satellite launcher Black Arrow
The model is in scale 1:96  It comes with a stand
Detailed scale model of Black Arrow rocket Model of prospero satellite and waxwing rocket
It can be seperated into stages.   The kit includes a small model of 
Waxwing 3 stage and Prospero. 

In October 28, 1971 Britain launched the Prospero satellite using a Black Arrow R-3 launch vehicle. It was the first successful British satellite launcher - and it was the last. The program was canceled. The fourth Black Arrow rocket (R4) is exhibited a the science museum in London.

In 1963 the Royal Aircraft Establishment began work on a satellite launcher based on the Black Knight test-vehicle. The Black Arrow had a first stage with eight gamma 8 engines. A second stage with two gamma 2 engines and solid 3 stage "Waxwing". The Black Arrow was only capable of launching smaller satellites.

The Black Arrow program was canceled on economic grounds, instead the US Scout rocket, which had a similar payload capacity was used for future launches.

The Prospero satellite is still in orbit, and radio signals could still be heard until 2006. It is expected to be in orbit for about 100 years.

Black Arrow flies again

Chris Armstrong turned my paper model into a 1:13 flying 
version and launched it at the same spot, where the Black Arrow rocket were engine testet - Se the video here:


My own photos from Science Museum, London

The Black Arrow rocket by Douglas Millard 

Rockets of the world by Peter Alway,

Once we had a rocket (Youtube)